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Ubiquitous Moodle

Its not difficult for me to realise that Moodle is a popular global project - I work alongside the evidence every day; reading Moodle.org, fearing the volume of bugs which come into the tracker and in CLEO, we recently surpassed 200,000 Moodle users. Buts its actually the small events in life which help me quantify this.

When i’m fortunate enough to go to Moodlemoots the international community of Moodlers is very evident and the passion is incredible.

Often, I meet teachers at completely non-moodle related social events and discover they use Moodle.

While i’m cycling to work and pass children walking to school, I stop and realise these children are likely to be using Moodle now or some time in their future (such is the dominance of Moodle in our region).

This week I discovered my old Sixth Form College is starting to use Moodle. During my time at the college I got a passion for computer programming and also benefited enormously from my first exposure to online learning. I don’t teach people (at least in the formal sense) and so this exposure certainly helps me understand the Moodle philosophy more than I would’ve been able to without.

One of the greatest things about working on this open source project is that my contributions hopefully go some way to benefiting all these users: The moodlers I meet at moots, the teacher I met one time at a party, the schoolchildren passing me on the way to work and the college which gave me many of the fundamentals which have helped me contribute to the project.