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A Moodle bug a day keeps the doctor away

Hi Moodlers..

Apologies - the last entry in this blog was regarding the Moodle Developers Hackfest in the Czech Republic, nearly two years ago!


It was a great occasion, we had some big arguments on git, Moodle 2.0 wasn’t released and we didn’t manage to go skiing!

Since then:

  • Moodle 2.0 has been released (and 2.1)
  • git has been introduced into Moodle Development workflow
  • I’ve been skiing (not sure about the Australians..).
  • We drank the entire czech mint/lime provision in mojitos ;-)

Sadly since then i’ve also spent far less time doing Moodle bug fixing than before - instead i’ve been doing a lot of Moodle advocacy to various organisations.

I’ve been missing the bug fixing and decided to start to scheduling myself time to ensure at least one bug fix a week (at the minimum). Fixing bugs and pleasing Moodlers is addictive - so I hope this spirals into many more :-) Wish me luck with keeping the doctor away!

See you on the tracker!