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Moved to Octopress

It’s becoming a bad habit, but I’ve switched the blog engine for this blog again. I’ve moved from wordpress to Octopress (which itself is a wrapper around jekyll).

I’m sorry if you received all the posts duplicated in your RSS reader (or indeed if you don’t see anything). I tried to configure redirects and the RSS feed to prevent duplicates from appearing, but it appears this is a dark art, and I failed (at least with Google Reader).

I was getting sick of maintaining wordpress - it’s not that difficult, but as I don’t update this blog that much, spending more time keeping the software up to date is more of a chore. Octopress is a static blogging engine, I author the posts as text files (in markdown) and it generates static html files for the blog. This means I don’t have to worry about software maintenance and also don’t need a fancy server stack to host it.